About Us

NIMAKI Marble Ltd-exists for 10 years and is privately owned by the manager, Nicola Tasevski.

Our main business is cutting, shaping and finishing of stone, or processing and installation of granite and marble products. The company has 18 employees. We have an area of 10 000 m2.

We have the following materials:
  • Marble: Astir, Tilos, Marmara, Sani, Perla, Sylvie, Victor Ekonomi, Verde India Sivec, Indian Pink, Rainforest Green, Brown Reinforest;
  • Granite: - We have 77 kinds of granite: Black Galaxy, Soft Green, D-603 (Vait cap) Tgar Skin, Mapl Red, Golden Beach, Rose Amarelo, Verde Bahia, Zimbabwe, Impala Dark, Juparana India, Multi color, etc.;
  • Traventine
  • Onyx

Thanks to the recommendations of satisfied customers our workload is constantly increasing, and with that the growth and development of the company is moving upwards, thus this contributes to increase our reputation as already recognized and reputable company from this activity in our region.

One of the many values that make us competitive on the market is the QUALITY. It is a value that we maintain and nurture from the very beginning until today, and that make us recognizable.

Standard prices are an additional factor that contributes to our successful operation.

Visit us and we will verify the quality and benefits we offer!